Why it’s important to recognize your own flaws

I used to think that I was perfect. If there was any disagreements in my life, I would always blame the other person. I could easily point out what someone else did wrong instead of taking a step back and looking at what I did as well. But lately I’ve been realizing I’m not always right, and as hard as it is for my ego to accept… it’s beneficial for my growth. I can’t blame other people all the time. I have to look in the mirror and recognize my own flaws. I know I have an intense personality. I can be judgmental, rude, and brutally honest. It isn’t my intention to hurt people’s feelings, so I don’t realize how sometimes I can say stuff that doesn’t come out that well. I honestly wouldn’t even realize I said anything wrong! Obviously no one is going to tell me that I’m being an asshole to my face, they’ll just say it behind your back, and your friendship will start to deteriorate. It’s something I need to work on. I think growing up without a lot of confidence I used crude humor as a defense mechanism. I make fun of people before they make fun of me. If someone dishes it back to me, I freak out and get angry. How do I expect to make fun of others and have them be okay with it…when I know I wouldn’t be?  But I’m glad I realized this, and it’s something about myself I need to change. I can now improve my relationships and be a better friend, and most importantly a better person. It’s all about spreading positive energy instead of negative. Now that I have started to accept and love myself I now understand that I don’t need to treat others badly to make myself feel better.

I challenge everyone to take a deep look into themselves, pay attention to how you act and how you treat people. Recognize your own flaws, and try to make changes. It is hard to accept but once you do, you can really change your whole life around, and you will see an improvement in your relationships. People will treat you better, and you will feel better! We all have things to work on and it’s okay! Life is all about constant change and growth. As young adults we are all still learning and on our way to being the best possible versions of ourselves.

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