who are some people that inspire you

wow great question! thanks for asking me

1. My mom

She is my ultimate inspiration. Everything I do is for her. She was the youngest out of 8 children. She grew up very poor on a farm in South Carolina. She never had any goals, and was destined to live a less than ordinary life. My mom was one of the only people in our family to get her college degree at the time, and moved to Boston with my grandmother when she was sick. Through all the battles she faced she continued to make it on her own, and create a life for herself beyond her wildest dreams. She has an amazing career and provides for us very well. She loves to travel the world, and do adventurous things that the little girl from South Carolina never thought she could do. She has been through so many hard times and still comes out as strong as ever. She is the most phenomenal woman I know, and I wish to be only half of the woman she is. 

2. Gabrielle Bernstein

She is currently my spiritual guide. I stumbled upon her videos on YouTube one day and I’ve been hooked ever since! She is what she calls a “spirit junkie”, a motivational speaker, and life coach. I’m currently reading her book “May Cause Miracles”. She has inspired me so much to change my life around, and anyone who knows me, knows I have become a happier & better person because of this. She teaches to live a life of love, and to focus on positive energy to manifest the dreams and desires you can want and have in your life. Following her teachings I have received so many blessings and have a new outlook on life. Her story is so inspirational because she was at a low point in her life, and she was addicted to drugs, she pulled herself out of it by positive thinking, meditation, and connecting to her spirituality. I really like who I’m becoming because of her influence.

3. Sophia Amoroso

My career inspiration! The ultimate #GIRLBOSS. Some may know her as the CEO of Nasty Gal. She is such an inspiration because she is living the American Dream. She literally made something out of nothing. She was always searching for jobs and never finding the right fit, and started selling clothes on EBAY to make ends meet. She worked incredibly hard and now has one of the most successful online businesses of all time. She is truly iconic.  I read her book “Girl Boss” and became even more inspired to follow my dreams. You can make dream a reality if you go for it and work really hard. I really connect to her and i love her bad ass personality. She is an incredible business woman and I hope to build an empire some day the way she has!

Hope this answers your question 🙂 

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