What’s holding you back?

We all have our dreams,
hopes, desires. We have talents, interests, hobbies. 

Sometimes these things can
become suppressed within because something is holding us back from doing what
we want to do. Many things can hold us back but the one major thing is fear. We
fear the unknown, and it hinders us from trying. 

As an example I am in my
senior year of college. I have dreams of traveling, my dream job, my first
apartment, where I want to relocate… But I’m scared. How I’m I going to get
there? With what finances? With what opportunities? How can I relocate if i
don’t know anyone? Am I brave enough to leave my mom and friends behind? 

Or even smaller things.
Hobbies, or talents we hide from the world because we think we aren’t good
enough. I had to overcome the fear of starting this blog, of making YouTube
videos, etc. 

Take a look at your life,
what are you missing? what are you craving?

You cannot, I repeat can
fucking not let anything hold you back from what you want to do. Living in fear
is wack AF. There is no way you can reach your dreams and live a life you love
when things are holding you back.

If you work hard, believe
in yourself, and have confidence, you can achieve anything. Most times we will
exceed our expectations. We often underestimate our own abilities. 

So ask yourself, “What’s
holding me back?” and realize how it shouldn’t. Overcome your fears, and take
risks anyway. Trust me it’ll be so worth it in the long run. 

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