This post is inspired by a very hard time a friend of mine was going through. We all know how hard it is to deal with relationships… probably because our generation sucks at them. But I say time and time again how important communication is.

Ladies, we can all agree that not getting the proper communication from a boy can DRIVE US CRAZY. We are emotional creatures, and everything we do is for a reason. Boys… not so much. A guy could not text us for a month and to them its “no big deal” they just “needed space”. Are you fucking serious? The worst part is that they know how to do it at the worst times. Right when you REALLY start to like them, right when you go all the way with them, right when your feelings get involved.

It makes you wonder, why couldn’t they have been honest from the jump? Why not communicate instead of cutting me off, and leaving me in the cold?

It’s understandable how it could drive a girl crazy. Wondering where is he? What did I do?

We must try our best to NOT think these thoughts. We must not blame ourselves and regret our feelings or actions. We are not the problem. Boys don’t know how to communicate, I believe this stems from the very prevalent pressure from society to “hide” emotions, to not express themselves, and be “tough”.

Negative situations can control your thoughts but you cannot let it. Let positive thoughts drive you, and your emotions. Always try to find the good in any situation to help you get through it. You cannot beat yourself up over a fuck boy who doesn’t have the balls to talk to you, or tell you what’s really going on. Take each hardship as a learning experience, and don’t regret it.

As long as we know our worth, and create positive energy we can go forward and not be damaged by it. We must not let boys control our thoughts and emotions, though it’s hard. We have more power than we think, power that can get us through anything a fuckboy throws at us. Be strong, and live positively, and continue to love hard. One day you will find a real man that made all of this worth it.

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