The old Disney vs. The new Disney

*sigh* this is a sensitive topic because it is something so close to my heart. Born in 1994 (best year ever btw) I grew up watching Disney channel. It was my life. My addiction. All i knew. I feel like it was sooooooooo much better when i was growing up. We all know the shows:

Lizzie Mcguire

Thats So Raven

The Proud Family

Even Stevens

The list goes on and on. Don’t EVEN get me started on the Disney Channel original movies. omggggg. so good wtf. I honestly feel like they shaped us growing up. They were so good, funny, entertaining, and actually taught us a lot of things growing up. 

When I was in about 5th grade things started to shift…. Shows like Hannah Montana came on. Not going to lie, I was still a fan but this was the era when things started to go down hill. Then in the same year High School Musical came out. Another highly anticipated Disney Channel original film. It came out and it became a HUGE HIT, again, I still enjoyed it but after this the old Dinsey channel we all once knew was slowly dying before our eyes. Shows got worse and suddenly all movies were musicals. By the time Camp Rock 2 came out, The old Disney was officially dead.

Looking at the new Disney shows now my heart breaks. I am genuinely saddened by not only the quality of the shitty writing, and awfully cheesy show plots, but that the generations after us have to grow up watching this trash. Its just not fair. 

I don’t know what Disney thought it was doing but it was a fail. I mean 

Dog with a Blog?????

Good luck charlie??


what is this trash????? Disney needs to get it together. I just hope by the time I have kids, there will be quality tv shows for them to watch again. To me: Old Disney always wins. 

end rant.

Leave any comments below if you agree or disagree, or ask a question in my ask page link above. thanks!

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