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Let me start by saying I am in no way writing this just to hate on Taylor Swift. She is extremely talented and I own most of her albums! BUT I always knew there was something about her I didn’t like.

Starting with her very popular relationship history – She has pretty much dated EVERY famous guy you can think of, and all relationships seem to end quickly and on bad terms. Her fans don’t mind though, her experiences would make great music because she is an amazing writer. That being said, I did think it was fishy how she would write these very explicit, personal, and borderline obvious songs about her Exes (example: the song “Style” about Harry Styles) and never got in trouble for it. No one ever would speak up!

Also her well known “girl squad”. It’s Taylor’s clique of pretty much any up and coming female celebrity in the game right now. They have massive parties and go EVERYWHERE together, which is actually pretty annoying. I started feeling weird about it when she through Camila Coelho from the girl group Fifth Harmony an 18th birthday party when Taylor Swift herself is 26 years old. Why does someone her age want to hang out with these young girls, is it just to have control? Making sure they don’t outshine her?

Lastly her overall image of just being perfect is just so unrealistic. She always plays the victim, always says what’s politically correct, and never takes accountability for anything. There’s no way she’s that perfect I thought, something is off with this girl! She had most of America wrapped around her finger, thinking she was so innocent and did no wrong. With this image her success and fortune have been on the rise and her stats are record breaking. She has become very powerful in the music industry, (Even standing up to Spotify & Apple Music – for her own semi selfish gains) but then she made a huge mistake… by messing with an even bigger power house. THE KARDASHIAN KLAN.


We all remember the infamous stunt at the 2009 VMAs when Kanye publically embarrassed her after winning an award over Beyoncé. (Which c’mon, we know Beyonce rightfully deserved)


But time moved on, and they seemed to have gotten past it and appeared to be on good terms!



Fast forward to now, Kanye released his single for his very controversial song regarding fame, called “Famous” & in the song he starts off with a very derogatory lyric:

“For all my Southside n***** that know me best
I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex
Why? I made that b**** famous”

There was instant backlash from people being disgusted by the lyric, and outraged that he seemingly takes responsibility for her success, labeling Kanye as yet again being the bad guy.

Things take a turn for the worst when she addresses it during her award acceptance speech, watch here:

The crowd applauds! Taylor is yet again the victim! Taylor stands up for herself against the bully that is Kanye West! .. or is he?

Not according to Kim Kardashian. In her recent interview for GQ magazine, and last night’s episode of KUWTK, Kim made shocking allegations calling Taylor Swift a liar and telling her version of what really happened! She even says there’s a video of Kanye reaching out to Taylor, asking for her permission for the lyric to be used, and her then approving. Most believe it, but without proof can’t be sure.

So what does Kim K do? Like the true savage she is RELEASES THE VIDEO ON HER SNAPCHAT OMGGG

I must first applaud this savagery. Kim was tired of her husband constantly getting a bad reputation and wanted to clear his name, and clear his name she did.

Twitter was pretty much in shambles after this, (with memes I hysterically laughed at for hours), haters, and even heartbroken fans!


It was so bad that Taylor came out with her own statement, which she NEVER does


HMMM I mean I guess I see where she is coming from … but we saw the proof? Confused at how she can still play the victim card. Another reason I can’t stay on board with her, she’s never real and can’t ever own up to anything. You aren’t perfect Taylor! No one is. Just take this L

Even celebrities had their own opinions about the situation, quietly throwing shade at Taylor over Twitter:


(Zendaya liked a tweet agreeing with her not wanting to be apart of Taylor’s girl squad, Demi Lovato liked a tweet applauding Kim Kardashian since her beef with Taylor goes way back to Disney days of their mutual BFF Selena, and Pharell liked a tweet of a video of Miss New York basically tearing some girl apart – jokingly referring to Taylor Swift. LOL WELL DAMN)

A lot of shots were fired at Taylor, so must be for a reason right? Well is Taylor Swift a bad person? Probably not, but a lot of people clearly don’t like her right now.  She made a huge mistake and that’s okay, but people like me would just respect her more if she owned up to it. I know she will get past all this, continue to have success, and make great music (and rightfully so!). Hopefully she learned a lesson or two. Just be honest and be real Taylor, stop trying to protect your image and try being a better & more honest person. There is a side to her that other celebs seem to have seen, that clearly isn’t pleasant, but no one has said anything about it….until now.


Taylor Swift, you’ve been exposed.

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