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We all have dreams, goals, and things we want to accomplish in life. I’ve always been the type of person to think that if I do things the right way, and work hard, success is inevitable. Which is true, but that doesn’t always mean that the road ahead is going to be easy.

There will always be setbacks on our journey to success. I’ve definitely learned this during my couple weeks post graduation. If you told me a couple months ago that I wouldn’t have a job by July, I wouldn’t have believed you. I guess I was naïve in this sense, but I thought my experience, and good grades made me a great candidate. I applied, and applied some more… still nothing. Though I haven’t found my dream job yet, I’m not going to worry.

I read this quote that said,

“What’s for you, will not pass you.”

I truly believe this. Anything that you are supposed to have in life, will come to you eventually. You need to be ready for it, and its all about divine timing. Good things take time, and just because you work hard and are experiencing setbacks, its all for a reason. Everything comes to you and or happens at exactly the right time. If you just keep working and stay positive you will eventually have positive results. Don’t let setbacks stop you from pursuing your dreams. Trust in the universe’s plan for you.

It’s also important to embrace setbacks – there is beauty in the struggle. Once you do succeed, it almost feels better knowing that you went through all those setbacks and it ultimately made you stronger. In every failure, there is a lesson learned… a lesson that is necessary to succeed. There is no strength without setbacks.

So if your life seems stagnant, and if you are experiences major setbacks, do not fear, and do not stop. Learn from them, and know that anything is possible. I am confident in making my dreams a reality, and you should too! I will get there, no matter what setbacks are in my way.

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