Realizing the power of your own mind

The mind is indeed a terrible thing
to waste. What I have learned in the past year and a half while working on
myself was how powerful your thoughts truly are. If you can control your
thoughts, you can control your reality. It sounds dumb, but this shit really
works. Just simply being positive can give you a positive life! One must change
their perception in order to be happy. We have all heard the saying “happiness
is a choice”. I never understood that until now. It truly is. You have to tell
yourself “I am happy today, today will be a good day” and most likely it will.
If you are going through a hard time in your life, I promise you can get
through it by just reprogramming your own thoughts.

Wake up every morning with a
positive attitude, and know that everything WILL be okay, things WILL get
better, and eventually you will start to believe it. If you have low
self-esteem like I once did, start admiring the sexy parts of yourself instead
of your flaws. Look in the mirror and say “I’m a badass bitch” and you
literally will become one (I did) LMFAO.

But seriously doe. Its important to not think negatively all
day everyday. It is literally a downward spiral. If you constantly complain,
dread doing anything, think negatively about every aspect of your life it will
only manifest itself and bring you nothing but sadness.

Another huge thing that can help
with this is just practicing gratitude. Being thankful for all the positive
things, and people in your life, will help your mind refocus on what is
actually important. Once you are thankful for what you DO have, you will no
longer negatively think about what you don’t, which in turn will give you MORE
things to be grateful for. The universe is just one big ass fucking math equation.

Positivity + gratitude = a positive fucking life and more
shit to be grateful for.

If you are still not sold on this
idea, just know I’m a living testimonial. I know for me personally I don’t
think the awful negative thoughts I used to. I was able to change my whole
thought process. I went from having low self-esteem, and just being so unhappy…
too being the newly confident strong young woman that I love being. I love my
life now, and not that anything has actually gotten better, but now I perceive it
differently makes my life sooooo much better.  I changed my thoughts, and what I thought
about myself, and I am able to live a better life that I love. I challenge
anyone reading this for at least a week to try to control their thoughts  be less negative, try to stop complaining, and
practice gratitude. I promise you will see a difference in the quality of your
life! Goodluck.  

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