Putting the emphasis on yourself this Valentine’s Day

I was inspired by this video made by my spiritual guide, Gabrielle
Bernstein to address a very important topic regarding Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day is FULL of drama, no matter if you’re single or
taken. If you’re single you may be worrying a lot about it, and hating the fact
that you have to spend the day alone. If you’re taken you may want the day to
be extremely special, as a sort of validation of your relationship. Society
makes us feel this way because of what Valentine’s Day represents. Almost everyone
feels like they’re supposed to have someone on this day, or that if you’re in a
relationship it’s supposed to be a huge romantic ordeal.

Gabrielle suggests to turn this idea of what it’s
“supposed” to be around. I love this idea. Let’s make the day about
us. Try to put the self-love back into Valentine’s Day. This will help us not
be so hard on ourselves if were single and not be so hard on our partners if
were in a relationship. This is important because it’s only one day, and it
should not make people feel bad about themselves or their relationships. If we
focus on the care and keeping of ourselves we won’t need external factors like
Valentine’s Day, to impress us, validate us, or bring us joy.

Especially if you’re single, put the emphasis on yourself on
Valentine’s Day. Show the love, appreciation you have for yourself by pampering
yourself this day. Gabrielle even mentions how if you’re single and or caring
about yourself it actually radiates sexy attractive vibes to other people which
could even help attract a mate!

I get so tired of seeing people complain about being single on
Valentine’s Day or seeing people complain about their significant other not
being “romantic” enough. Let’s leave the drama out this year, and
leave the expectations out of it. Let’s not conform to society’s standards of
what Valentine’s Day is “supposed” to be. Practice self-love that day… and
carry it into every day of your life.  

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