Not all guys suck

For a long period of time I went
through an “all guys suck” stage. I had been disappointed so much that I didn’t
think any good guys existed anymore. I was certain that I would never find what
I wanted in a man, I was struggling with deciding if I should settle just
so I wouldn’t be alone.

BUT .. just when I least expected
it, like they always say * insert eye rolling emoji here * I met a guy who
changed my whole outlook on that.

I met someone who treated me exactly how I wanted to be
treated, a true gentleman. Didn’t rush me into anything, chivalrous, caring. I
lost hope that I could find a guy to take me seriously and treat me like this.
He was so great to me I assumed something was wrong. This cant be true, I
thought, but everytime we hangout he proves to me more and more how wrong I am.
I have trust issues from the awful guys I have dealt with in the past. I
couldn’t believe this guy could be so amazing and genuine, but these men are
indeed out there. Please believe that they are not all bad.

Just because you come in contact of
fuckboys often, don’t lose hope! Don’t ever make a guy think you’re asking for
too much (within reason, cuz some of ya’ll crazy).  Know your worth and seek a guy who is able to
see it and appreciate it. When a guy really likes you he will do what it takes,
he will treat you like a queen. Once you are treated this way you will never
look back, and wont even give the wrong guys attention again.

You have to be patient, but also
positive in the fact that you will find the one for you, and don’t settle just
because you don’t want to be alone.

A good quote I once read that
relates to this is:

“Those who are certain of the
outcome can afford to wait, 
and wait without anxiety”

There is no need to worry that just
because you’ve been single for a while, and cant seem to find the right guy that
you never will, and the more you truly believe that the sooner it will come to be. It
worked for me!

I am no more confident than ever in
the direction of my love life, and I want to encourage all you out there to do
the same. There is someone out there for you who will treat you the way you
want to be treated and see just how special you are. One day you will meet your
match, because not all guys suck.

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