My Month Off


Today it has been exactly a month since my last blog post. This is something I promised I’d never do. This past month was very uneventful. It was the true transition into being an adult. After coming home from NYC visiting my best friend Alex, (which was incredible, btw) a lot of things slowed down.

I was still unemployed and BROKE, my friends weren’t around because they were either back in school or working a lot,  I started dating a guy who wasn’t a good fit for me, and I just felt over all uninspired, unmotivated, and frankly stressed the hell out.

I went from having the most amazing summer of my life – to everything coming to a halt and I was just so BORED. I felt like I had no purpose. It was sad, and I ultimately disconnected from my spiritual source.

When I began to notice this, instead of letting it bring me down and making me depressed, I decided to turn inward. This whole month has been about reflecting.

I had completely stopped practicing gratitude. I felt the need to pity myself and only focused on all that was “wrong”. It took some time but then one day I just had to be like hey, fuck this. My life is awesome. I got some clarity, and did some inner work. I took this month to really relax and get clear about what I wanted, and knowing I not only was deserving of it, but fully capable of making it happen for myself. I worked hard and reconnected with myself spiritually, practiced self love, rebuilt my confidence, and I feel stronger than ever.

Today I am back blogging, doing what I love. I have a job that I start tomorrow, walked away from what would have been a toxic relationship, and am back to being my confident, positive, and loving self.

If you ever just feel stuck in a rut, it’s always good to take time to reevaluate your life and reconnect with yourself. My month off has been so healing, and I was able to overcome my obstacles without them bringing me down. I am so grateful for all the blessings in my life, and will never again allow unfortunate circumstances tear me away from that.

So I apologize that I went MIA during my month off, but I’m back and I’m better!! (Bryson Tiller voice) and am excited for the topics that I have for you guys! So stay tuned…more rants to come.

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