Learn to stand on your own


A major factor in becoming more confident and independent is learning how to stand on your own. It isn’t always healthy to rely on others. It seems that people always need others around for them to feel content. I used to be the same way. I felt like I couldn’t go out and do anything without having a friend by my side. I would feel so nervous or awkward if I wasn’t around people I knew to help me feel comfortable. But over time I had to learn that waiting for others, and staying in my comfort zone was keeping me from doing a lot of great things. The more I was able to go out and do things on my own without anybody by my side, the more confident I felt. I don’t let anything hold me back anymore and you shouldn’t either!

A couple months ago, there was a concert for one of my favorite artists. My best friend didn’t want to go with me, and the old me would have been pissed about it and wouldn’t have gone. But you know what? I WENT. I went to the concert all by myself and it was so empowering. It wasn’t weird at all, and it was one of the best concert experiences I ever had. I would have totally missed out on that if I didn’t learn to stand on my own.



You don’t need someone to help you or always be around you. Be confident enough to go out and do your own thing. If you want to go eat somewhere, do it. If you want to go to the movies, do it. Ever gone shopping alone? A M A Z I N G. Now I know why they call it retail therapy. Don’t let not having someone by your side keep you from doing things because I promise you will miss out on a lot. Join a class where you don’t know anyone, what ever it is just do it!

You don’t have to be up under someone’s ass all the time. Learn to do your own thing and follow your own path, and your confidence will soar. You will live such a more fulfilling life when you stand on your own and become truly independent. So I challenge you, the next time you want to do something and may not have someone to do it with… do it anyway! See that it’s not so bad after all, and notice how empowered you will feel.

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