Is your body language making you unattractive?


I have been so interested lately in the subject of body language. I’ve always heard that a person’s confidence and vibe can make someone appear more attractive. But I always struggled with trying to figure out how someone can tell if your confident or not – it all comes down to body language.

Ever been in a situation where you see someone with a lot of admirers? You stand there like: WHAT IS IS ABOUT THEM ?! WHY CAN’T I GET THAT SAME ATTENTION?

This used to be my problem.  I felt like I always had to work harder for people to like me or make friends, and I barely got hit on by guys. Good news is, you’re probably not ugly – but your body language is.



Science says, it’s not about WHAT your saying, its more about body language, facial
expressions, and tone. It only takes about 7 seconds for someone to know if they like you or not, without even speaking to you!


Having good body language can drastically shift someone’s perception of you. Whether it’s true or not, the human brain is programmed to perceive physical nonverbal actions and movements in certain ways. My body language became more positive naturally just by becoming more confident in myself. If you’re still working on your self esteem (which I strongly suggest) but aren’t quite there yet…. Here are some body language tips to fake it til you make it.

Body Language to appear Confident & Attractive

  • Posture – no brainer but slouching is a number one sign of low self confidence! Stand up straight, it perceives strength and power
  • Smile – another no brainer, but helps  you seem attractive, approachable, and trustworthy
  • Taking up space – stand tall with your legs apart! Show that you own the room and are comfortable
  • Talk with your hands – hand gestures during conversation make you seem more credible
  • Open torso – no crossed arm, or clinging onto items, keep arms by your side and open
  • Eye contact – great for flirting, and appearing like you care about a conversation (even if u don’t)
  • Walk slow – Coming from the weirdo who walked so fast because she was nervous, walking slower makes you appear confident in your direction and that you don’t mind being seen!
  • Mimicking the other person – if you slightly mimic gestures of the person your talking to they instantly feel more comfortable around you and will like you more

I was able to work on my confidence and it changed my overall vibe with the help of body language. Because of it my life changed for the better helping me meet amazing people, and providing me with opportunities I couldn’t have gotten without confidence.

So try some of these tips next time you’re out meeting new people, it’s CRAZY HOW MUCH IT WORKS. Honestly! It will make it so much easier to meet people, make them like you, and attract a potential partner. If you are still working on confidence with your looks or conversation, let your body language give you that extra boost.

Trust me! – It works and is so worth it.

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