INTERVIEW | Kat Keeling – Making a Change with Tumblr Fame


I wanted to interview my good friend Kat Keeling, who’s making a splash in social media. With over 10k followers on Tumblr and growing, she is a face in the #bodypositive movement, and an inspiration to many. I wanted to gain insight on how she got to where she is on Tumblr, past struggles, and advice for anyone dealing with self-confidence and body issues!

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LR: When did you first notice that your Tumblr presence was gaining attention, and could actually help others?

KK: I think it was when I started exploring body positivity, and talking to other Tumblr influencers who also were confident, and had a lot of followers. I think it really happened when I got a negative comment from an anonymous person saying “you’re pretty for a big girl” and I responded saying

“I’m fat and pretty, I’m not pretty despite being fat. I can be both at the same time”.

This got over 100,000 notes on Tumblr, and that’s when I realized that I do have the power to positively influence others. I got a lot of responses from people saying I inspired them, I wasn’t expecting that!

LR: Have you dealt with self-esteem issues in the past?

KK: Definitely. I feel like everyone in general has in one time or another dealt with self-esteem issues.

LR: Was there a specific turning point for you around body image and self-acceptance?

KK: When I started talking to other people in the body positive community. I was able to see people like me, or people who were different, or unique as beautiful but I could never see myself that way. I was asked “if you can see the beauty in everyone else, why can’t you see it in yourself?” That was when it really clicked for me – that was my turning point.


LR: Do you get hate? If so, how do you deal with it?

KK: I feel fortunate that I don’t get it very often, but when I do, since I’ve developed a thick skin growing up, it doesn’t really bother me. I have to remind myself that I’m over here living my great and fabulous life, and this person clearly has nothing better to do. I honestly feel sorry for these people that they feel the need to do that.

LR: How do you stay so confident?

KK: There are definitely days where I don’t feel as confident, but I do really think self-care is important. It can look different to certain people. Whether its going shopping, doing my makeup, or hair – just putting myself first is really what helps me stay confident.

LR: What’s something you want everyone to know about self-love or body positivity?

KK: I want people to know that body positivity is for everyone, no matter what your body looks like. If you have a body you can be body positive. People can be mean and it’s not always easy to love yourself, but it’s the most important thing you can do for yourself.

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