I stumbled upon this tweet from a while ago, which
references my favorite professor at my university giving me a great compliment
on my writing. She told me I really have a voice, which comes across in my
writing. This meant a lot to me. She encouraged me to start a blog, so I sent
out this tweet to see if anyone would read it. I got about 9 favorites (LOL IM
FAMOUS), which were cool, but I eventually forgot about it. I’m in a place in
my life where I just feel bored and stuck so seeing this tweet today was a sign
that I should be more creative and do something about that. I feel like I have a
lot to say, and I love to talk and go on rants about almost anything. Instead
of annoying my friends and especially mom with the constant debates, rants, and
tangents in my head 24/7, I will write them here in this blog. Hopefully people
find it cool, funny, interesting, and even inspirational.

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