How I want my kids to grow up


It seems like everywhere I go, I see small children playing on phones or tablets. It’s just crazy to me, why does a small child need to be on a cellphone. I understand they are probably playing games, but you see kids in public disengaged with reality. They wont look up or talk to anyone at the dinner table, wont play with other kids. There’s no way that’s good in the long run for development.

I am lucky enough to be one of the last generations to actually have a childhood before technology really came into play. I was forced to go out and play, have an active imagination, play with dolls, play pretend, play dress up, play board games. SO much you can do when you’re a kid! Now all kids want to do is play games online, and spend hours in front of a screen. It just sucks.

I don’t want my kids to grow up that way. I want them to be social and have active imaginations. I want them to play and have fun without technology. I want them to be able to sit at a dinner table without needing a phone to keep them quiet.

But it seems like over time, the more technology develops by the time I have kids there will be no choice. I don’t want to be the mean mom who makes their child become a social outcast just because they don’t have a phone by the time their 7 years old like everyone else. But it’s totally unnecessary!! So what do you do? Hopefully wont be making this decision ANY time soon.. But hopefully by that time we can establish more balance with technology.

It’s a great thing, but nothing is more important than learning social skills, and interacting with people in real life. You have your whole life to be buried into a phone, I just want my kids to be kids and not be dependent on technology.

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