How heartbreak works

broken-heartHeartbreak is one of the HARDEST things to go through. Point blank
period. I don’t wish it on anyone. For me it was especially hard, because I
love hard. It literally feels like your world is falling apart, you feel like
you can’t go on without this person (which isn’t true), but in that moment
that’s honestly how it feels. I’ve seen heartbreak do crazy things to people,
and affect them for the rest of their lives even! But it’s important to
understand these feelings and get past them. You must learn to heal from a
breakup, and think positively about the experience.

First lemme just educate ya’ll about the science of love and heartbreak.

When you fall in love with someone (and even have sex with them)
chemicals are created called endorphins. You become infatuated with this
person, and the endorphins even make you feel happier than you usually would
be.  You release so many endorphins when
you’re in love that its almost like a high, its called the love drug for this
reason. The longer you are with someone the more attached you get, and more
endorphins are released. SO when you fast-forward and the relationship doesn’t
end up working out… you end up heartbroken. What is actually happening is that
your body isn’t receiving the “love drug” endorphins it was once receiving while
you were in love with that person. Scientists say it is literally just like you
are going through a drug withdrawal! This is why people who are heartbroken can
actually feel physical pain.

But no matter how awful you may feel during heartbreak, you have to
realize that it is only temporary. It’s important to acknowledge these
feelings, but then you have to know and trust that you can move on and be happy
without this person in your life. Take away the lessons you’ve learned, and
remember the good times, but don’t let it ruin your future. I personally
believe that every relationship was meant for us at a certain time, to teach us
and show us things from the universe. But unfortunately not everyone is
supposed to stay with you throughout life, and a lot of relationships are
temporary. Just know that healing from a heartbreak is the only way you can
open up to falling in love again, with hopefully the person of your dreams.

yes, heartbreak is one of the worst feelings in the world, but you will get
through the endorphin withdrawal, and come back from it better than ever!

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