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My friend and founder of Find Your Comfort, Nigel Taylor, recently started his Youtube Web Series called, “Marcellus”. He takes subjects from his website and openly discusses them on film. Just from watching the first episode, I was impressed and knew I was going to enjoy this series.

For those of you who don’t know, Nigel started Find Your Comfort, and I’ve witnessed the success of this website along with the changes he’s not only made in his university, but his community as well.

“FYC is a site based on positivity, creativity, and inspiration. The mission of Find Your Comfort is to create a space for individuals like you to find their comfort through life struggles. We want to hear about who or what inspires you. We want to know if you have been through a rough time and how you overcame it. We want to hear about the inspirational messages you want to share with others.”

I have had the privilege of writing for the site a couple times, and it is awesome to have an online community like FYC where people can share their stories.

In the very first episode of Marcellus, Nigel addresses the topic of “Speaking Things Into Existence”. He spoke of his own struggles of always wanting a web series, but never taking initiative. He finally one day spoke this into existence, saying that he was going to have his own web series, and the proceeded to take the necessary steps. Here he is today with his very own web series, and it’s just getting started.


(Watch Below)


I was happy to see someone else with the same mind set like myself. He truly spreads positivity and the motivation to get out there and do what you truly want to do. I believe this as well. You can speak things into existence, and make things happen. Nothing is too far out of reach, nothing is impossible. If you have a dream, work hard and it will soon be your reality.

To Nigel: I’m so proud of the success of, and can’t wait to see more of your web series. Keep doing what you do Nigel, and continue being a positive influencer to our generation.

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