expectations vs reality

I literally always have these crazy thoughts about how things are SUPPOSE to be. It fucks me up every time. When any event is coming up I think of the best possible situation, I get so excited, and have unrealistic thoughts about how the event is “suppose” to go. 

I ALWAYS GET DISAPPOINTED. I expect too much from people and situations that I have NO control over! 

I’ve realized I just need to chill and let things just happen.

*says the girl who has no chill*  .. I’m working on it. 

Its better to hope for the best than to expect anything, so you won’t get let down. Life is all about twists and turns and the unexpected. Being able to control and predict life is no fun and I have to remember that. Things won’t always turn out perfect or how we think it should go but thats okay. Enjoy the craziness that life has to offer, with that often comes the best memories, and sometimes things turn out even better than you could have ever expected.

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