“don’t be clingy”

Something that I’ve noticed over the years that infuriates me is the concept of caring about someone, being attached, or being “clingy”. 

NO ONE responds well to a clingy person, myself included. In some ways this is sad to me. When a person clings on to you its because theres something about you that they really like and enjoy. We should take this as a compliment. But instead we HATE it. We make fun of people for having these strong emotions and actually giving a fuck about us. Why is that? It truly bothers most people to have a person that wants to talk to them a lot and be around them a lot.

I guess the real question is why do people respond better to someone who doesn’t care much about them, or even give them the time of day. We respect people more who don’t make us a priority. Its the most fucked up thing.

I’ve noticed that the relationships/friendships I’ve put my all into, caring/reaching out/etc. are the people who treated me like shit. I was always unappreciated, and even was made out to be like i was the annoying or clingy one. The people I’ve taken the most for granted were the ones who have always stayed by my side and cherished me. Guys I’ve dated or talked to that I didn’t give a fuck about were the most affectionate and liked me the most.


Its almost like the worse you treat people the more they love and respect you. 

What causes us to act like this and respond in this way. I will never understand. I just want to be in a friendship or relationship that is 50/50. I want both parties to care just as much, and both be attached. 

Unfortunately this doesn’t seem possible and I’ve been forced to hide my true emotions from people i care about so i don’t come off “clingy” in order to be treated well. According to our generation being clingy, caring and showing emotion is a curse. To me personally it really really sucks that i have to mold into this way of thinking.

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