Do you ever really get over someone?

It is something I always wondered. If you have a really
strong connection with someone, and things just don’t work out… are you ever
really over it? Or if you have gone through a breakup, with someone you saw
longevity with; does your heart ever really mend? I know personally I always
look back and think about guys. The “what could have been” question always
comes up. This is definitely the case when the guy wasn’t a bad guy, but maybe
it wasn’t good timing, or he wasn’t ready, or maybe you weren’t, sometimes
things just don’t work out. They say time heals all, but does it actually? Does
times really heal… or do you just learn to deal with it? It could just possibly
be that you learn to live without the person.

I personally don’t believe you do. Even if you move on, and
fall in love with someone else, I think the special bond you had with another
person is still in the back of your mind. Though the hurt may no longer be
there, I think if you truly cared or even loved someone before, you never stop,
no matter the circumstances that drew you apart. IDK doe.

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