Believing in your abilities on the job

I know me and a lot of my friends right
now are looking for internships, and even full time jobs. Graduation is
approaching and real life is starting. Its important to be on you’re A game,
because now its crucial to our livelihood, which is scary. People always give
advice on how to apply, and even how to interview, but no one addresses the
fears often associated with starting the job. I know for myself if I get a very
good opportunity, and a company expects a lot out of me, I want to make sure I live
up to their expectations.

Its hard because not having that real
experience I sometimes feel personally I wont be prepared for what the job

I am somewhat of a perfectionist and if I
do something I want to do it right. I never want to disappoint. But I know
success takes hard work, and I have to believe in my abilities in order to do
well on a job. It’s easy to think that you aren’t good enough, your not
qualified, or not smart enough … but those thoughts will only tear you down.

I’m going to try my best to be positive
in my career journey and be confident in my abilities; I know it will lead to
success. I want you all to think this way as well. As long as we work as hard
as we can, and don’t let our insecurities of not being good enough get in our
heads, we can all do well. It will not be easy but we are all capable of
getting our dream jobs, and working hard to gain the success we want in our

Good luck and I’ll keep you posted! 😉

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