Being Naïve

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Sometimes I miss being naïve and not knowing any better. Being young, living in oblivion, and thinking all was well in the world. It was the most pure and genuine happiness.

When you’re young you think you can do anything, nothing is holding you back, confidence is at an all time high. You don’t care about what you look like, you don’t hold back, and you definitely aren’t afraid to try new things.

During adolescence this all starts to change. People start to tell you that your dreams are “unrealistic”. People start to point our your “flaws”. A realization occurs on how mean people can be, and how harsh the world is. You get filled with doubt, and it starts to make you wonder if you are good enough.

Society can be so unaccepting at times. It’s hard to be our authentic selves, to love it, and not be ashamed of it. Low self-esteem seems to be more apparent than ever within our generation.

It is hard growing up, learning how things truly are, and being constantly put down by society’s standards of beauty and success. We learn and understand what people expect of us, and get beaten up over it if we don’t meet those expectations.

I may no longer be naïve, but I refuse to not be as happy as I once was. Just because I’m aware of the harsh realities of the world, and what society expects of me, it will not stop me from doing what I want to do, and being who I want to be.

I will not conform to these ideas, and let them diminish my self worth, confidence, and happiness. Life was easier being a naïve child, but I will use my wisdom to guide me through the rough patches of life, and embrace who I truly am.

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