with self-confidence issues over time I had to wonder what the root of my
low self-esteem was.  I then stumbled
upon this picture and it hit me. Society brainwashes us to think that European
features are the only features that are considered beautiful. Think about it;
light skin, light eyes, long bone straight hair, and a petite frame. Most of us
are brainwashed to think that is the only way to be beautiful, those are our
“ideal” standards in society. She is prettier because she has a lighter
complexion, or she’s skinnier than me, or she has “good” hair. But all of this
is wrong. We are all born differently, with different distinct features that
are not up to the European standards. I had to look at myself in the mirror and
realize this was beautiful as well. I would point out my “flaws” and learn to
love them; I soon realized they are not flaws at all. They were parts of me
that were unique, uniquely me, and uniquely beautiful. Just because not
everyone in the world may think it’s beautiful.. that didn’t matter, the only
person who had to think I was beautiful was myself. Once I accepted myself for
who I am, how I look, and how I was made … I love my self so much. I’m
comfortable in my skin, and know I’m beautiful. My confidence is higher than
its ever been, and the crazy part is that other people see me as being more
beautiful because I’ve accepted it myself and became confident in my looks. I
used to think about all aspects of myself differently and mostly negatively,
but now I look at them positively and know they make me a badass bitch. I like
how I don’t look like anyone else, and I embrace it now. Learn to love what
makes you different, and what makes you beautiful.

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