Another one bites the dust …

I have mentioned in previous posts that I have been single
for a REALLY long time now. It’s very frustrating. It’s really hard out here. Yet
again I meet a guy, get really into it, and nothing comes from it. Sometimes I’m
just over it, and sometimes I’m tired of waiting for the right guy. Its always
the same pattern. You meet a guy, they show a lot of interest, you get excited
but they aren’t really bout’ it. The guy may like you but he just isn’t ready
for something real. If that’s the case WHY WASTE MY TIME THEN. Its so annoying!
Commitment is lacking. Trust is lacking. SO much is lacking in our generation,
and dating life is suffering because of it.

What I keep reminding myself is to trust the universe. I
know it will happen for me when the time is right. No matter how annoying it is
I will peruse each guy until I meet one who is serious and is ready for
something real. I can’t allow myself to lower my standard of what I want in a
relationship, and how I want to be treated. I must never allow myself to get
desperate. I love myself too much to settle. He is out there and I just can’t
keep worrying about it.  It’s a good time
to focus on me, keep growing into the amazing young woman I want to be, to
attract the right man. The key is to become the best person you can be, and
love yourself in order to attract the right person, and be in a healthy
relationship. No matter how rough it is out there ladies, don’t trip. Make
yourself your first priority, and trust me, sooner or later the right one will
come along.

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