Lookin… looking, looking, looking, looking….




 * Drake Voice *

Just kidding. No revenge, just taking charge of my life. I’m trying to make major changes this summer! Changes that will contribute to my overall happiness and future. Since I just graduated, I’m leaving an old chapter of my life behind.

Its time to transition into adulthood and ditch the old habits. I know the woman I want to become, I know what I want my future to consist of. I’m making it a priority to do what it takes to achieve these goals.

I’ve had time to reflect and become more clear of my vision. For a moment I felt lost, like I was just going through the motions and felt uninspired. My laziness kills me, because there is so much I could or should be doing but I end up watching Million Dollars Listings instead (wishing for that lifestyle, I mean c’mon).

I am leaving lazy Leeza behind during summer 16, and also leaving old habits and even people (oops) who don’t bring any sort of substance, support, or positivity to my life. I want to have a clean diet, exercise, read more books, go on more adventures, blog more, take pictures, and most importantly start my career. No more excuses.

No more childs play, (yes another Drake reference). I got this.

Take care. (ok I had too).

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