“Adulting” is hard


Since the day we are born, things are planned out for us. From when it’s time to learn how to walk, and time to learn how to talk…  then we have to go to school- elementary, middle school, and then in high school you’re told “hey if you want to have a successful future… you need to go to college. “ Oh okay, cool. Sure.

*4 years later*

 So … I got my bachelor’s degree, now what?


For the first time there is absolutely no one guiding your future. It’s all up to you, and it’s REALLY scary. Sure the next step is to start your career, but how? What do I want to do, what should I be doing?

Should I get my master’s degree? When? Do I need it?

Should I live at home, should I move and start a brand new life?

At first you think this is awesome, like oh I’m “adulting”, I am free, no one to tell me what to do!!

Ha, but with freedom comes responsibilities. You can’t just blow paychecks on fun things.

You’re free to travel! Go out! Shop!


You thought you were gunna escape those loans? Lol silly you.  You want a car? An apartment? But you don’t even have a job that pays enough to get all those things! Insurance? Oh yea that’s a thing, but you need a job to get you that.

Like please kill me!!! LOL It’s a very hard adjustment. You can make so many of your own decisions now, but it’s all too much. Can I go back to not having any responsibilities? That was fun. It’s scary to think about working for the next 40 years. I try not to panic, knowing everything will fall into place but it’s just a very hard transition. Not being where you want to be in life, and especially not having a plan for the first time is hard. But this is what “adulting” is, and we can’t be afraid of it. It’s a confusing time period but we must stay optimistic, and work hard to achieve our goals. Being an adult is hard, but over time we will get used to it, and take life into our own hands.FullSizeRender 2

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