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I want to be in a relationship where it’s 50/50. A partnership if you will. In previous generations, where women had no rights, gender roles in relationships were formed. The man was seen as the breadwinner, he made all the rules and brought home the bacon. The woman then was a housewife. She took care of the children and the home. She cooked, she cleaned; she did it all. But c’mon it’s 2016 and these roles in relationships should evolve. I’m not judging the people who still and want to live this way, BUT if we are BOTH going to work every day, I think a man and woman should BOTH take care of the home.

I see women coming home from working full time just like men, and still being expected to cook a full meal, and clean.. while the man does nothing. How is that fair? I want to be with a man who treats me as his equal, who doesn’t “expect” me to cater to him. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I might want to. I might want to cook a nice meal, or wash his clothes, that’s nice stuff that you do for someone you love. But I certainly don’t want it to be expected of me. I would want the same for him, why can’t my man cook us a meal? Or take care of the kids?

I want a happy loving relationship with equality. Unless he is the only one making money, then I shouldn’t be the only one taking care of the home and vice versa. I want him to be a man, and I want to be a woman, but we shouldn’t be tied down by these old gender roles when women have done so much over time to fight for equality and respect.

I’m not judging how anyone else wants to live but for me, it’s 50/50. I see so many girls, not even married, doing sooooo much for the guy they are with. For what? Just because it’s expected. They get nothing in return, but still have to act like “wifey”. Those privileges are earned, or me doing it out of love for you, not because of what’s between my legs.

We live in a country where we will (hopefully) soon have the first female president. We must remember our worth and all that we are capable of. It’s not our job to make a man happy, we can do so much more! Women are still fighting for our rights, such as equal pay. We shouldn’t have to fight for equal rights in our relationship. The man I marry will see me as the powerful woman I am. Let’s break gender roles in relationships, and make it 50/50.

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