21 things I’ve learned in 21 years

This post is inspired by a fellow blogger, Alaine
Kristina @ thefashionbum.com, love her idea on this post, so I wanted to create
my own.

As 2016 begins today, I can’t wait to learn more and start this
journey into adulthood. As 2015 has come and gone, and I recently turned 21 I
want to share all I’ve learned in 21 years.

confidence is key

Working on your confidence is so important, because once
you are confident so many doors open for you and opportunities are less likely
to pass you by, you can live life freely with the confidence to go after what
you want.

stop worrying about dumb shit

Most of the stuff you worry about is so trivial, like
“PEOPLE ARE DYING”- *Kourtney Kardashian voice* But seriously, focus on the
bigger picture and don’t freak out for no reason!!

you are who you surround yourself with

Surround yourself with positive people, ambitious people,
and just overall good people. What your friends do, can influence you
negatively or positively so choose wisely. I’ve learned that having bad friends
can seriously hold you back.

people don’t care about you as much as you think, do
what you want

People really aren’t going to care that much so stop
freaking out about what people think of you. Do what you want; you’re always going
to have haters, but also a lot of people might like what you do. Don’t let
other opinions affect your actions, life, or anything that makes you happy.

karma is mad real

What goes around comes fucking back around holy shit.
Though this may be hard for some people, just try as hard as you can to be a
good person. Try to not be petty, and do awful things to others because karma
will come back to get you 100%.

positivity is necessary

Be positive! Change your thoughts and outlook on life to
be positive instead of negative and I promise you will see a change in your
life, and an increase in your happiness.

do what you love

Take chances and take advantage of as much as you can! If
you love to do something, don’t be afraid to do it trust me you won’t regret it.

gratitude is important

Don’t be an ungrateful fuck

You will lose people, but its okay

Some relationships are just temporary; it sucks but its
fine. Learn from them. Some people aren’t meant to go where you’re going.

Change is good

Change is scary, buts its always good to start a new
slate, and it promotes growth and evolution, which is always awesome.

Being jealous is a waste of an emotion

Instead of being upset that someone else has something
that you want, focus on trying to get what that person has. You can also just
try to accept that you don’t have what they have, but that’s okay… because
there are a lot of other things to be grateful for, you ungrateful fuck.

Hard work pays off

Good things don’t come easy, putting hard work and effort
into something will always have a positive result.

 People you think
are cool really aren’t

The “cool” or “popular” people really aint shit! So stop
trying to be like them, and just be you. You are way cooler than the person you’re
trying to be like.

people think you are cooler than you think

With the help of social media, people are always lowkey
watching you. If you are true to yourself, and do your own thing then you
shouldn’t have to worry about being cool. Most people will admire how you dgaf
and will think your cool because of it.

mom is always right

 She just is. Always. Just listen to her.

the way you see yourself is how people will see you

The way you feel about yourself will reflect in the way
you carry yourself. People will catch that vibe from you and see you the same
way. If you think highly of yourself and have confidence, more people will be
drawn to you and think highly of you as well.

eating healthy is
sooo important

Junk food is mad good, but putting good food into your
body will make you feel mad good. We may be young now but eating healthy is
important to keep us healthy for the future. You wanna be a dope old person
right? Being sick is not cute.

always try to look
presentable, you never know who you will meet or see

When you look like a bum when you go to the mall you WILL see everyone
you know… from the ex boyfriend you cant stand, to the bully from high school
you wanted to stunt on. DON’T GET CAUGHT IN THESE SITUATIONS. It’s horrid.

people don’t have
the same heart as you

Its important to be
a kind hearted good person, but just don’t expect anything in return because
you WILL get disappointed. Others are not often willing to do the things for
you, that you would do for them.  

Don’t rely on anyone or anything for happiness

Happiness is a choice, and it comes from within. You should
never look for happiness or validation in another source. Loving yourself and
being content with yourself, is all you need to be happy.

make yourself your first priority

The most important thing I’ve learned. Make yourself a
priority before anyone else, if you aren’t the best you can be, you cannot
expect anything in your life to be the best it can be.  This will help all of your friendships and
relationships, and any task you are trying to achieve. You must make sure your
good first before you can be there for anyone else, or do anything 100%.

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